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Discover 100 Unique Islamic Names for Muslim Baby Boys from the Quran

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n our quest to provide you with a comprehensive list of Islamic names for baby boys, we have curated a selection of 200 meaningful names drawn from the Quran itself. These names hold deep significance and carry with them a sense of spiritual connection. Naming your baby is a special and important task, and we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect name that reflects your faith and values.

1. Adam (آدم)

Adam, the name of the first human created by Allah, represents the essence of humanity and the origin of all mankind. It signifies humility and the acknowledgment of our shared beginnings.

2. Idris (إدريس)

Idris is a name that reflects wisdom and knowledge. In Islamic tradition, it is associated with a prophet who possessed great intellect and spiritual insight.

3. Yunus (يونس)

The name Yunus is linked to the Prophet Jonah, known for his patience and unwavering faith. It signifies endurance and trust in Allah’s plan.

4. Isa (عيسى)

Isa, the Arabic name for Jesus (peace be upon him), embodies qualities of compassion, love, and healing. It’s a name that carries a message of peace and grace.

5. Ilyas (إلياس)

Ilyas is a name associated with the Prophet Elijah. It symbolizes strength and determination in the face of adversity.

6. Dawud (داود)

Dawud, the name of the Prophet David, represents courage and resilience. It’s a name that reflects the ability to overcome challenges.

7. Ibrahim (إبراهيم)

Ibrahim, the esteemed Prophet Abraham, is known for his unwavering faith and submission to Allah’s will. This name signifies submission and devotion.

8. Musa (موسى)

Musa, the name of Prophet Moses, carries connotations of leadership and guidance. It signifies the ability to lead with wisdom.

9. Zakariya (زكريا)

Zakariya, the name of Prophet Zechariah, embodies qualities of gratitude and prayerfulness. It signifies a strong connection with Allah.

10. Sulaiman (سليمان)

Sulaiman, the name of Prophet Solomon, represents wisdom, justice, and a deep understanding of the world.

11. Harun (هارون)

Harun, the name of Prophet Aaron, signifies unity and cooperation. It represents the importance of working together for a common purpose.

12. Isaan (إسعان)

Isaan is a name that symbolizes grace and kindness. It reflects the value of being benevolent and compassionate.

13. Shuayb (شعيب)

Shuayb, the name of Prophet Jethro, is associated with integrity and honesty. It signifies the importance of upholding moral values.

14. Yahya (يحيى)

Yahya, the name of Prophet John the Baptist, represents purity and righteousness. It reflects a life dedicated to God’s path.

15. Ayyub (أيوب)

Ayyub, the name of Prophet Job, signifies patience and endurance in the face of trials. It reflects the strength to persevere through hardships.

16. Hud (هود)

Hud, the name of Prophet Hud, embodies the qualities of guidance and wisdom. It signifies the ability to lead others toward righteousness.

17. Saleh (صالح)

Saleh, the name of Prophet Salih, represents righteousness and truthfulness. It reflects the importance of being honest and upright.

18. Lut (لوط)

Lut, the name of Prophet Lot, signifies resilience and faith. It reflects the ability to maintain one’s beliefs even in challenging circumstances.

19. Ayman (أيمن)

Ayman is a name that signifies blessings and good fortune. It reflects a life filled with God’s grace.

20. Yaseen (يس)

Yaseen is a name that holds deep spiritual significance. It is associated with the Quranic chapter of the same name, signifying the beauty of divine revelation.

21. Nuh (نوح)

  • Nuh, or Noah, is associated with patience and endurance. It symbolizes the strength to weather life’s storms.

22. Aadam (آدم)

  • Aadam, a variation of Adam, represents the essence of humanity and our shared origin.

23. Shams (شمس)

  • Shams, meaning “sun,” symbolizes light, warmth, and guidance.

24. Qamar (قمر)

  • Qamar, or “moon,” signifies beauty and serenity.

25. Sufyan (سفيان)

  • Sufyan represents purity and spirituality.

26. Rayyan (ريان)

  • Rayyan signifies a door to paradise and abundant blessings.

27. Anas (أنس)

  • Anas represents a close and loving friend.

28. Ayman (أيمن)

  • Ayman signifies blessings and good fortune.

29. Azim (عظيم)

  • Azim means “great” and represents magnificence and grandeur.

30. Asim (عاصم)

  • Asim signifies protection and safeguarding.

31. Faisal (فيصل)

  • Faisal represents discernment and fairness.

32. Saif (سيف)

  • Saif means “sword” and symbolizes strength and courage.

33. Rami (رامي)

  • Rami represents archery and precision.

34. Bilal (بلال)

  • Bilal signifies purity and cleanliness.

35. Rashid (رشيد)

  • Rashid represents guidance and righteousness.

36. Sami (سامي)

  • Sami means “elevated” and signifies a high spiritual rank.

37. Zayd (زيد)

  • Zayd represents growth and abundance.

38. Ihsan (إحسان)

  • Ihsan signifies excellence and perfection.

39. Wasiq (وثيق)

  • Wasiq represents strength and security.

40. Hani (هاني)

  • Hani signifies joy and contentment.

41. Amin (أمين)

  • Amin means “trustworthy” and represents honesty and integrity.

42. Rafiq (رفيق)

  • Rafiq represents a close companion and friend.

43. Imran (عمران)

  • Imran signifies prosperity and flourishing.

44. Nabil (نبيل)

  • Nabil means “noble” and represents dignity and honor.

45. Salah (صلاح)

  • Salah signifies righteousness and piety.

46. Tariq (طارق)

  • Tariq means “morning star” and symbolizes guidance.

47. Idris (إدريس)

  • Idris represents wisdom and knowledge.

48. Zaki (زكي)

  • Zaki means “pure” and signifies cleanliness.

49. Hamid (حامد)

  • Hamid represents gratitude and praise.

50. Hanif (حنيف)

  • Hanif signifies devotion to God’s oneness.

51. Salim (سليم)

  • Salim means “peaceful” and represents tranquility.

52. Qasim (قاسم)

  • Qasim signifies division and distribution.

53. Nafi (نافع)

  • Nafi represents beneficence and usefulness.

54. Majid (ماجد)

  • Majid means “glorious” and signifies magnificence.

55. Kareem (كريم)

  • Kareem represents generosity and kindness.

56. Raheem (رحيم)

  • Raheem signifies compassion and mercy.

57. Zahir (ظاهر)

  • Zahir means “evident” and represents clarity.

58. Fawaz (فواز)

  • Fawaz signifies success and achievement.

59. Rafay (رفاع)

  • Rafay means “exalter” and represents elevation.

60. Munir (منير)

  • Munir signifies illumination and light.

61. Azhar (أزهر)

  • Azhar means “bright” and represents radiance.

62. Waleed (واليد)

  • Waleed signifies newborn and symbolizes new beginnings.

63. Shahid (شاهد)

  • Shahid means “witness” and signifies testimony.

64. Samir (سمير)

  • Samir represents one who is pleasant and friendly.

65. Tahir (طاهر)

  • Tahir means “pure” and signifies cleanliness.

66. Saqib (ثاقب)

  • Saqib signifies “penetrating” and represents insight.

67. Rafi (رفيع)

  • Rafi means “exalted” and signifies high rank.

68. Akram (أكرم)

  • Akram represents generosity and nobility.

69. Khalid (خالد)

  • Khalid signifies eternity and immortality.

70. Sameer (سمير)

  • Sameer represents one who is talkative and sociable.

71. Aarif (عارف)

  • Aarif means “knowledgeable” and signifies understanding.

72. Yaseen (يس)

  • Yaseen signifies deep spiritual significance.

73. Khalil (خليل)

  • Khalil means “friend” and represents companionship.

74. Taufiq (توفيق)

  • Taufiq signifies success and divine guidance.

75. Laith (ليث)

  • Laith signifies bravery and courage.

76. Rizwan (رضوان)

  • Rizwan represents acceptance and divine pleasure.

77. Nadeem (نديم)

  • Nadeem signifies a close and friendly companion.

78. Nasir (ناصر)

  • Nasir means “helper” and signifies support.

79. Waris (وارث)

  • Waris means “heir” and represents inheritance.

80. Arif (عارف)

  • Arif signifies one who is knowledgeable and perceptive.

81. Saad (سعد)

  • Saad represents happiness and good fortune.

82. Rafiq (رفيق)

  • Rafiq signifies a close friend and companion.

83. Saeed (سعيد)

  • Saeed means “fortunate” and represents luck.

84. Bilal (بلال)

  • Bilal signifies purity and cleanliness.

85. Jalil (جليل)

  • Jalil means “majestic” and signifies grandeur.

86. Wahid (واحد)

  • Wahid signifies uniqueness and singularity.

87. Amir (أمير)

  • Amir means “leader” and represents authority.

88. Taqi (تقي)

  • Taqi signifies piety and righteousness.

89. Hayyan (حيان)

  • Hayyan means “full of life” and represents vitality.

90. Faris (فارس)

  • Faris signifies a knight or horseman.

91. Daud (داود)

  • Daud represents the Prophet David and signifies courage.

92. Mansoor (منصور)

  • Mansoor means “victorious” and represents success.

93. Mubarak (مبارك)

  • Mubarak signifies blessedness and prosperity.

94. Saleem (سليم)

  • Saleem means “safe” and represents security.

95. Rameez (رميز)

  • Rameez signifies distinction and uniqueness.

96. Zaheer (ظاهر)

  • Zaheer means “evident” and represents clarity.

97. Faisal (فيصل)

  • Faisal signifies discernment and justice.

98. Tariq (طارق)

  • Tariq means “morning star” and symbolizes guidance.

99. Ihsan (إحسان)

  • Ihsan signifies excellence and perfection.

100. Waheed (وحيد)

  • Waheed signifies “unique” and represents individuality.

These names hold deep meaning and are drawn from the Quran, making them beautiful choices for your Muslim baby boy. May you find the perfect name that resonates with your faith and values, bringing blessings and happiness to your family.

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