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Allah Help Those Who Help Themselves

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Islamic Education

Islam has a comprehensive set of ethical and moral beliefs that guide its followers. These beliefs are based on the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and they form the foundation of Islamic morality.

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Ramadan Calender Sehar & Iftar Time

Turn to Allah Before You Return to Allah

11th Muharram, 1446 - Wed, 17th Jul, 2024 - Islamabad,Pakistan

  • Fajr:3:30 AM
  • Zuhr:12:14 PM
  • Asr:3:58 PM
  • Magrib:7:18 PM
  • Isha:8:57 PM
  • Jumah:2:00 PM

Islamic Books

Adipiscing elit duis volutpat ligula nulla dapibus.

Go to Allah Before its too Late

11th Muharram, 1446 - Wed, 17th Jul, 2024 - Islamabad,Pakistan

  • Fajr 3:30 AM
  • Zuhr 12:14 PM
  • Asr 3:58 PM
  • Magrib 7:18 PM
  • Isha 8:57 PM
  • Jumah 2:00 PM

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Daily Learning

Daily Learning

The Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation of the Islamic faith. They are the five basic acts of worship that are obligatory for all Muslims. These five pillars are:

  • Shahadah

  • Salah

  • Sawm

  • Zakat

  • Hajj