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All Major Signs of the Day of Judgement: A Complete Guide

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The belief in the Day of Judgement is a fundamental tenet of Islam. As the end of times approaches, various signs will manifest to indicate its proximity. These signs are categorized into minor and major signs. While we previously discussed the minor signs, this guide will delve into the major signs of the Day of Judgement.

1. Introduction

The major signs are significant events that will occur closer to the Day of Judgement. Unlike the minor signs, which can be spread out over time, the major signs will follow one another in quick succession. They are more dramatic and will bring about significant changes to the world as we know it.

2. The Major Signs

The major signs, as described in Islamic traditions, include:

a. The Appearance of Mahdi: A righteous leader, Al-Mahdi, will emerge from the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to lead the Muslims and establish justice.

b. The Descent of Jesus (Isa): Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), who was raised up by Allah, will return to Earth. He will follow the teachings of Islam, defeat the false messiah (Antichrist), and establish peace.

c. The Emergence of Dajjal (Antichrist): A great deceiver, Dajjal, will appear and lead many astray with his miracles and false claims of divinity. He will be a significant trial for believers.

d. The Invasion of Gog and Magog (Ya’juj and Ma’juj): Two barbaric tribes, Gog and Magog, will break free from their barrier and wreak havoc on Earth. They will consume resources and cause widespread destruction.

e. The Smoke: A thick smoke will envelop the Earth for a period, causing distress to both believers and disbelievers.

f. The Beast of the Earth (Dabbat al-Ard): A beast will emerge from the ground, marking the faces of individuals based on their deeds – white for the righteous and black for the wicked.

g. The Rising of the Sun from the West: In a reversal of its natural course, the sun will rise from the west. This event signifies the closure of the door of repentance.

h. The Swallowing of Lands: Massive landslides or sinkholes will occur in three places: one in the east, one in the west, and one in the Arabian Peninsula.

i. The Fire: A massive fire will start in Yemen and drive people towards the place of gathering for the Day of Judgement.

3. The Sequence of the Signs

While the exact sequence of these signs is not definitively known, some traditions suggest that the appearance of the Mahdi will be among the first, followed by the descent of Jesus and the emergence of Dajjal.

4. The Gravity of the Signs

The major signs are not mere events but are significant trials and tribulations. They will test the faith, patience, and perseverance of believers. The world will undergo drastic changes, and the distinction between right and wrong will become evident.

5. Conclusion

The major signs of the Day of Judgement serve as powerful reminders of the transient nature of life and the reality of the Hereafter. They emphasize the need for believers to remain vigilant, steadfast in faith, and prepared for the ultimate meeting with their Creator.

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