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Muslim Girls’ Names: Meaningful Choices for Your Daughter

modern muslim girls names

Picking a name for your baby girl is a special moment! Muslim names for girls are beautiful and meaningful, often inspired by faith, family history, and even pretty things in nature. This guide will help you find the perfect name for your little one!


What Makes a Great Muslim Girl’s Name?

Many Muslim girl names have special meanings that parents hope will bring good things to their daughter’s life. Here are some popular ideas to inspire you:

  • Names that mean good things: Like Amina (meaning “faithful”) or Huda (meaning “guidance”).
  • Strong and independent names: Aaliyah (meaning “exalted”) or Jannah (meaning “paradise”) show strength.
  • Pretty names: Zahra (meaning “bright”), Noor (meaning “light”), Yasmin (a pretty flower).
  • Names inspired by nature: Aasma (meaning “sky”), Layal (meaning “night”), Maysan (a beautiful place).

Following in Famous Footsteps

muslim girls 1 1 - Islamic Guide

Some Muslim girl names are like choosing a superhero name! They’re inspired by amazing women in Islamic history, like Ayesha (wife of Prophet Muhammad) or Maryam (mother of Jesus). These names carry a sense of respect and admiration.

Modern Muslim Names: Short and Sweet

The world of Muslim names is always changing. Some parents choose shorter, easier-to- say names that are still beautiful and meaningful. Names like Zara, Noor, and Laila are popular choices.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Name

Here are some ideas to help you choose the right name:

  • Think about the meaning: What kind of qualities do you hope your daughter will have?
  • Say it out loud: Does the name sound nice with your last name?
  • Do some research: Make sure the name doesn’t have any unexpected meanings in other cultures.
  • Look for inspiration: Baby name websites and family suggestions can be helpful.
  • Trust your feelings: In the end, pick the name that YOU love the most!

Muslim Girls Names Starting With Letter A:

baby girls names
modern muslim girls with unique names
  1. Aabidah (Devoted Worshipper): This name signifies someone deeply dedicated to their faith and prayer.
  2. Aafia (Healthy, Well-being): A blessing for a child to have good health and a life of wellness.
  3. Aaliyah (Exalted, Noble): A name suggesting high status, dignity, and respect.
  4. Aamina (Faithful, Trustworthy): A name emphasizing qualities of honesty and loyalty.
  5. Aamna (Safe, Secure): Wishing safety and security for your daughter.
  6. Aasiyah (One who helps the weak): A beautiful name for someone compassionate and helpful to those in need.
  7. Aasma (Sky, Exalted): Evokes a sense of vastness, grandeur, and being lifted high.
  8. Aisha (Lively, Wife of Prophet Muhammad): Named after a respected figure in Islamic history, also meaning full of life.
  9. Aishah (Lively, Wife of Prophet Muhammad): Variation of Aisha with the same meaning.
  10. Aayat (Signs of God, Verses from Quran): Holds deep religious significance, referring to the verses of the Quran.
  11. Afifa (Chaste, Virtuous): A name highlighting purity, modesty, and moral excellence.
  12. Afreen (Beautiful, Enchanting): A name that celebrates your daughter’s captivating beauty.
  13. Afshan (Blossoming, Flourishing): Wishing for your daughter to thrive and reach her full potential.
  14. Afia (Healthy, Well-being): Variation of Aafia with the same meaning.
  15. Afra (Fair, White): Describes someone with a light complexion.
  16. Aghla (Most Precious): Expresses your immense love for your daughter.
  17. Ahtram (Respect, Esteem): Hoping your daughter will be treated with respect and admiration.
  18. Aiza (Respected, Noble): Wishing for your daughter to be held in high regard.
  19. Ajala (Miracle, Wonder): A unique name suggesting your daughter is a special gift.
  20. Akilah (Intelligent, Wise): A name for a daughter you hope will be knowledgeable and insightful.
  21. Aleena (Soft, Gentle): A name that evokes kindness, tenderness, and a peaceful nature.
  22. Aleeza (Exalted, Noble): Variation of Aaliyah with the same meaning.
  23. Alia (Exalted, Sublime): Similar to Aaliyah, signifying high status and nobility.
  24. Alima (Scholarly, Learned): A name for a daughter who enjoys learning and seeking knowledge.
  25. Alina (Light, Noble): Evokes qualities of brightness, purity, and dignity.
  26. Alishba (Beautiful, Pretty): A straightforward name celebrating your daughter’s beauty.
  27. Amani (Wishes, Hopes): A name that embodies your dreams and aspirations for your daughter’s future.
  28. Amara (Eternal Beauty): Wishing for your daughter’s beauty to shine throughout her life.
  29. Ameena (Safe, Secure): Variation of Aamna with the same meaning.
  30. Amina (Faithful, Trustworthy): Variation of Aamina with the same meaning.
  31. Anfal (Spoils of War, Bounty): In Islam, refers to blessings or victory.
  32. Anisa (Companionable, Friendly): Hoping your daughter will be someone who enjoys good company and makes friends easily.
  33. Anيسة (Cheerful, Joyful): Variation of Anisa, emphasizing a positive and happy personality.
  34. Areeba (Worthy, Esteemed): Wishing for your daughter to be valued and respected.
  35. Asma (Sky, Exalted): Similar to Aasma, signifying vastness, grandeur, and high regard.
  36. Asmaah (Sky, Exalted): Variation of Asma with the same meaning.
  37. Asma’a (Sky, Exalted): Variation of Asma with the same meaning.
  38. Aysha (Lively, Wife of Prophet Muhammad): Variation of Aisha with the same meaning.
  39. Aziza (Precious, Dear): Expresses your love and affection for your daughter.
  40. Azra (Helper, Defender): A name for a daughter who is kind and stands up for others.
  41. Azraa (Helper, Defender): Variation of Azra with the same meaning.
  42. Azraaela (Angel of Death): Variation of Azra with religious significance, but be mindful of the context.
  43. Azeeza (Precious, Dear): Variation of Aziza with the same meaning.
  44. Azyzah (Mighty, Powerful): A strong name suggesting inner strength and determination.
  45. Aaliyah (Exalted): Double listed for emphasis.
  46. Aamina (Faithful): Double listed for emphasis.
  47. Aisha (Lively): Double listed for emphasis.
  48. Amara (Eternal Beauty): Double listed for emphasis.
  49. Asma (Sky): Double listed for emphasis.
  50. Aayat (Verses): Double listed for emphasis.

Muslim Girls Names Starting With Letter B:

Muslim girl names with “B” come in a delightful variety. Here are some names to consider:

  1. Badi’ah (Astonishing, Amazing): This name highlights your daughter’s unique and remarkable qualities.
  2. Badr (Full Moon): Evokes a sense of beauty, wholeness, and illumination.
  3. Badriyah (Full Moon): Similar to Badr, referencing the beauty and light of the full moon.
  4. Bahira (Radiant, Bright): A name that celebrates your daughter’s inner and outer radiance.
  5. Bahirah (Radiant, Bright): Variation of Bahira with the same meaning.
  6. Baiza (Illuminated, White): Suggests purity, brightness, and enlightenment.
  7. Bakhta (Lucky, Fortunate): Wishing for your daughter to have a life filled with blessings and good luck.
  8. Bakht (Destiny, Fate): A name that acknowledges the power of destiny while hoping for a positive outcome.
  9. Bakhtawar (Lucky Star): Combines the idea of good fortune with the guidance and brilliance of a star.
  10. Banafsha (Violet Flower): A beautiful name inspired by a delicate and fragrant flower.
  11. Banan (Fingers): In Arabic culture, signifies skillfulness and dexterity.
  12. Banin (Daughters): Expresses your joy and pride in having daughters.
  13. Baraa (Innocence, Purity): Hoping for your daughter to possess qualities of innocence and moral purity.
  14. Barakah (Blessing, Abundance): Wishing for your daughter to be a source of blessings and prosperity.
  15. Bareerah (Innocent, Pious): Similar to Baraa, emphasizing innocence and piety.
  16. Bariah (Excellent, Superior): Expresses your belief in your daughter’s potential for excellence.
  17. Bariza (Noble, Chaste): A name suggesting qualities of nobility, purity, and virtue.
  18. Basimah (Smiling, Cheerful): Hoping for a daughter who brings joy and smiles to others.
  19. Basma (Fragrance): Evokes a sense of pleasantness and sweetness.
  20. Basmala (In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful): Holds deep religious significance, referencing the opening phrase of the Quran.
  21. Bassma (Smiling, Cheerful): Variation of Basimah with the same meaning.
  22. Bassira (Foresighted, Wise): Hoping your daughter will be insightful and make good decisions.
  23. Bushra (Good News, Joy): A name signifying happiness and positive tidings.
  24. Bushraa (Good News, Joy): Variation of Bushra with the same meaning.
  25. Bushra (Dawn): Can also signify a new beginning or a bright future.

Muslim Girls Names Starting With Letter C:

Girl names starting with the letter “C” are less common compared to other letters. However, there are still some beautiful and meaningful options to consider.

  1. Cahira (Victorious, Conqueror): A powerful name symbolizing achievement and overcoming challenges.
  2. Caia (Life): A simple and beautiful name signifying the essence of being alive.
  3. Calima (Whole, Perfect): Wishing for your daughter to be complete and fulfilled in all aspects of life.
  4. Chaima (Jasmine Flower): A lovely name inspired by a delicate and fragrant flower.
  5. Chaimaa (Jasmine Flower): Variation of Chaima with the same meaning.
  6. Chakayla (Clear Sky): Evokes a sense of peace, serenity, and vastness.
  7. Chameli (Jasmine Flower): Similar to Chaima, referencing the beauty of the jasmine flower. 8. Champa (Flower): A more general term for flower, signifying beauty and blossoming.
  8. Chaman (Garden): A name that evokes a beautiful and flourishing space.
  9. Chandni (Moonlight): A name steeped in beauty and serenity, like the gentle glow of the moon.

Some More Beautiful Names:

Here Are Some Beautiful Pickup of Names you can look.

  • Farah (Joy, Happiness): Double listed for emphasis, wishing for a joyful life.
  • Faiza (Victorious, Successful): Double listed for emphasis, hoping for achievement.
  • Hadiya (Gift, Present): Double listed for emphasis, expressing your daughter is a precious gift.
  • Halima (Patient, Forbearing): Double listed for emphasis, hoping for patience and perseverance.
  • Hana (Grace, Happiness): Double listed for emphasis, signifying beauty and joy.
  • Haya (Modesty, Shyness): A name that emphasizes qualities of humility and self-respect.
  • Hiba (Gift): Similar to Hadiya, signifying something precious and valuable.
  • Huda (Guidance, Right Path): Hoping your daughter will find her way and make good choices in life.
  • Inaya (Care, Solicitude): Wishing for your daughter to be cared for and protected.
  • Iqra (Read): Double listed for emphasis, referencing the importance of learning and knowledge.
  • Isra (Night Journey): Double listed for emphasis, referencing a significant event in Islamic history.
  • Janan (Soulmate, Beloved): Double listed for emphasis, expressing deep love and connection.
  • Jannah (Paradise, Garden): Double listed for emphasis, hoping for a life of peace and happiness.
  • Jannat (Paradise, Garden): Double listed for emphasis, variation of Jannah with the same meaning.
  • Jawahir (Jewels, Precious Stones): Double listed for emphasis, signifying something valuable and treasured.
  • Jihan (World, Universe): Double listed for emphasis, suggesting your daughter has the potential to make a big impact.
  • Layla (Night): A beautiful name evoking a sense of mystery and peace.
  • Leena (Soft, Gentle): Similar to Aleena, signifying kindness, tenderness, and a peaceful nature.
  • Leyla (Night): Variation of Layla with the same meaning.
  • Lubna (Sweet-smelling Tree): A name inspired by a fragrant and beautiful tree.
  • Madira (Joyful, Merry): Similar to Farhana, emphasizing a happy and cheerful disposition.
  • Maheera (Skillful, Clever): Hoping for your daughter to be intelligent, capable, and resourceful.
  • Mahnaz (Beautiful Moon): Combines the beauty of the moon with a sense of grace and serenity.
  • Maisan (A Beautiful Place Name): A name inspired by a place known for its beauty.
  • Maryam (Mary, Mother of Jesus): Named after a revered figure in both Islam and Christianity.
  • Marwa (A Place of Pilgrimage in Mecca): Holds religious significance, referencing a holy site in Islam.
  • Maysa (A Beautiful Flower): Similar to Champa, signifying beauty and blossoming.
  • Mehreen (Affectionate, Kind): Hoping for your daughter to be loving and compassionate.
  • Muna (Wish, Desire): A name that embodies your hopes and dreams for your daughter’s future.
  • Noor (Light): Similar to Dhiaa, signifying inner and outer radiance.

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